RFCI By-Laws

Article I – Membership

Membership: Any individual, age 18 or older who owns a Ragdoll, or is considering owning a Ragdoll, may qualify to be a member of the RFCI.

Each membership is an individual membership. Catteries, businesses or partnerships are not named as the member, but each individual person is put in the membership category that best describes them. All members of the RFCI shall be classified in one of the following four categories: Breeder Member, Provisional Breeder Member, Associate Member, and Lifetime Member.

A. BREEDER MEMBERSHIP: This membership includes all members who own a minimum of one whole registered Ragdoll cat with the intention to breed Ragdoll cats and who have signed the Code of Conduct. (Only Ragdolls registered in AACE, ACFA, CCA, CFA, CFF, FIFE, GCCF, AND TICA are recognized by RFCI as registered Ragdolls) They shall be entitled to serve on the Board of Directors, vote for the Board of Directors of the RFCI, and vote on all changes and amendments to the By-Laws and Code of Conduct.

They shall have the following privileges:

(1) Receive all published issues of the RFCI Ragdoll World newsletter during their paid up membership year. With the purchase of an ad in the Ragdoll World, you will receive the same ad free on the RFCI website until the next issue comes out. Free postings of Ragdolls earning titles will be included in the ‘Look Who Made it to the Top’ section.
(2) Use of the Club name in advertising, but if it is a joint ad all the members in the ad must be RFCI members. With the purchase of an ad in the Ragdoll World you will receive the same ad free on the RFCI web site for three months
(3) Their web site linked to the RFCI web site.
(4) A free listing on the RFCI worldwide breeders list, and free listings of available kittens or adults, or other free breeder member services offered via the RFCI website.
(5) The Genetic Chart and updates to it will be available at a price established by the Genetic Chart Historian. Current members wishing to convert to the CD form of the Genetic Chart may do so for a price of $5.00 plus postage.
(6) The Breeder Booklet (CD) is included in the price of a new membership and will be available for the cost of $10 upon renewal of a membership.
(7) Any educational program designed by the Breed & Education Committee is available to them. This includes, but is not limited to, the Educational Counselor.

B. PROVISIONAL BREEDER MEMBERSHIP: Are individuals who have an interest in the Ragdoll breed, but do not own a whole Ragdoll cat.
(1) These members do not sign the Code of Conduct.
(2) They are not listed on the RFCI Website, nor can they advertise as RFCI members.
(3) These members are not entitled to vote for the Board of Directors of the RFCI, or any changes and amendments to the By-Laws and Code of Conduct of RFCI.
(4) The Breeder Booklet will be included in the membership fee and will receive all published issues of the Ragdoll World newsletter.
(5) The Genetic Chart will not be available to them as a provisional member.
(6) Any educational program designed by the Breed & Education Committee is available to them. This includes, but is not limited to, the Educational Counselor.
(7) They will receive all published issues of the Ragdoll World newsletter.
(8) They are not able to hold any office or serve on any committee in RFCI.
(9) This membership cannot be renewed. Within a year of this membership, they must either move to a full breeder membership and pay the additional fee or become an associate member.

C. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: This Division is for those who own a Ragdoll but do not breed Ragdolls. Pet owners, cat fanciers, and retired breeders fit in this category.
(1) They will receive all published issues of the Ragdoll World newsletter.
(2) They are entitled to apply show points for year end awards.
(3) They cannot purchase the Genetic Chart nor the Breeder Booklet.
(4) They may not advertise themselves as RFCI Members.
(5) They are not entitled to vote for the Board of Directors of the RFCI, or vote on any changes and amendments to the By-Laws and Code of Conduct.
(6) They are not able to hold an office in RFCI.

D. LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP: Are current or former breeder members of the RFCI who have contributed significantly to the welfare of the Ragdoll breed and/or to RFCI. The RFCI Board of Directors elects them Lifetime members after they meet certain qualifications as set forth in Article XVIII of the By-Laws. Lifetime members are exempt from paying dues. Lifetime members that are currently still breeding Ragdolls continue with all the privileges of a breeder member, including the ability to hold office, and voting in all elections, and any issue brought to the membership for a vote. Lifetime members that have retired from breeding have the following privileges:

(1) They still receive issues of the Ragdoll World newsletter.
(2) They are only able to hold an elected office within RFCI, after the Board of RFCI has reviewed their letter of intent, taking into consideration the number of years retired from actively breeding and/or exhibiting Ragdolls, and general involvement within the Ragdoll Breed Community. The Board will, by a majority vote, approve that the office/position sought by the retired lifetime member is compatible with the member’s expertise and experience. The retired breeder lifetime member may hold an appointed office, or serve on a committee in RFCI with approval by the Officers.
Should a lifetime member retire from breeding while holding an RFCI board office, they can continue in that capacity until the end of their elected term.
(3) They are entitled to vote in all membership elections, and vote on any issue brought to the membership for a vote.
(4) A retired breeder that is a lifetime member may serve in the capacity of advisor or assistant.
(E) BREEDER MEMBERS of the RFCI who allow their dues to lapse will have to either pay all back dues or start over again by signing a new Code of Conduct and sending all genetic information that occurred during the elapsed time to the Genetics Chart Historian.
(F) Members may change the membership division they are in if their situation changes during the current year (May 1- April 30). If the membership division they apply for has a higher price (such as going from associate to breeder), they must pay any additional fees before their status change, as well as provide any needed information, such as cat registration or a signed Code of Conduct. If their division changes to a lesser priced level (going from breeder to associate), no refund will be given for that membership year.
(G) A Family Breeder Membership add-on, for your spouse can be added for a fee of $10.00 a year and will receive the same privileges that the regular member is entitled to.
(H) Members who choose to resign their breeder membership, for whatever reason, before the end of the membership year (April 30), will not be able to rejoin until the following calendar year renewal date (May 1). They will not be given any refund of membership dues, nor will they be refunded any other money paid to the RFCI. If they request to reinstate their membership on May 1, they will be required to join as a new member, after fulfilling all requirements for a new breeder member. If any Grievance has been filed against them, during or after their membership was resigned in that same membership year, they may not rejoin RFCI as a breeder member in good standing until proof of resolution of the Grievance has been reviewed and approved by the RFCI Grievance Committee.
(Example: If they renewed their dues on May 1, 2009, for the 2009 – 2010 membership year, but resigned their membership August 1, 2009 they would not be able to rejoin RFCI until the following May 1, 2010. If a grievance is filed against them between May 1, 2009 – April 30, 2010, it would have to be resolved to the satisfaction of the RFCI Grievance Committee before they are allowed membership in RFCI.)
(I) An advisor position in RFCI is a breeder member or lifetime member in good standing that is asked to advise either on the board, a committee, or in another capacity as determined by the board of RFCI. An advisor will not be given a vote on the Officers board.
(J) An assistant position in RFCI is a breeder member or lifetime member in good standing that is asked to assist an Officer, or on a committee, or in another capacity as determined by the Board of RFCI. An assistant will not be given a vote on the Officers board, nor will they hold any office within the board.

Article II – Annual Dues

The membership shall be from May 1 of one year to April 30 of the following year.

The Board shall be responsible for setting the amount of the dues. Every fall, the board will take a look at the dues amount to make sure it covers the cost of the following years estimated expenditures. If a dues increase is decided, it will be done by Jan 1st, and the membership notified at that time, what the next dues will be.

Annual dues for Breeder Members shall be $40 for new members (US and Canadians) and $50 for new members (Overseas) just joining, to cover the cost of the Genetic Chart and the New Breeder CD. Dues shall be $30 for current members renewing their dues in the US and Canada, and $40 for overseas members.

Associate dues shall be $20.00.

Provisional Breeder dues shall be $30.00 (no renewals available)

Lifetime members shall be exempt from paying dues.

Family memberships for your spouse can be added for a fee of $10.00 a year. This will entitle them to a vote on all issues before the RFCI, but only one issue of the RW per household.

New members joining between May 1 and October 31 of the current year will pay full price. New members joining between November 1 and April 30 will pay half the price to join. In subsequent years, all members will be required to pay full years dues.

If anyone should be late on their dues, they will be required to pay on all months that are delinquent. (example, if they are due Feb. 2006 but don’t pay until May 2006, they will still be expected to pay the full years due of $30 + those extra 3 months($7.50) to fulfill their full year prior, this would make them paid up to May 1. 2007). In subsequent years, all existing members will be required to pay full years dues, even if they pay after May 1 of that current year.

Article III – Membership Meetings

Because the RFCI is formed of members from all parts of the world, there will be no formally scheduled meetings. All Club business shall be done by phone, mail, or email. All voting pertaining to the Club will be done by mail or email ballots.

Article IV – Board of Directors

The RFCI shall be governed by a Board of Directors comprised of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Editor of the RW, nine Regional Directors, Breed Chairperson and Grievance Chair. Any breeder member in good standing may hold office in the RFCI. Only one office may be held by a person at any time. No two members of a family may hold office at the same time. When an office becomes vacant before a term is up and there is more than one year remaining a special election shall be held to fill the vacancy. If an office becomes vacant with less then one year remaining in the term, the President shall appoint a replacement with the Board’s approval. If an official election has already taken place and then the office becomes vacant, the incoming elected officer will take over that position immediately.

Article V – President

The President shall be elected in even numbered years to a two year term. The President must be able to communicate with the Board and the membership by electronic mail.
A. Shall serve on the Grievance Committee
B. Shall serve on the Breed Committee
C. Shall appoint a breeder member in good standing to fill any vacant position on the Board of Directors if the term has less than one year remaining. (as described in Article IV)
D. Will keep the membership informed by writing an article for each issue of the Ragdoll World newsletter.
E. Shall be responsible, along with the Scorekeeper, for ordering and mailing the year end rosette awards to each winner.
F. Shall appoint various committees to serve as the need arise.

Article VI – Vice President

The Vice-President shall be elected in the odd numbered years to a two year term. Should the President leave office for any reason, the Vice-President shall assume the office of President and shall have the Secretary call a special election within 90 days to elect a new President if there is more than one year remaining of the term. However if there is less than one year remaining in the term the Vice-President shall serve until the next election.
A. Shall handle inquires associated with people seeking general information about the RFCI.
B. Shall serve on the Grievance Committee.
C. Shall be the Chairperson of the Membership Committee.
D. Shall appoint a committee of two to four Breeder members and/or Board members to fill out the Promotional Committee as described in Article VI (a-b).

a. This committee will be responsible for completing tasks relating to promoting RFCI or its members, interests such as group ads, merchandise sales, Congress or Show support, or any task related to promotion of RFCI as seen fit by the President and/or Board of RFCI
b. This committee will be an impermanent task specific, special committee and not a standing committee. It will be initiated and coordinated by the Vice President when requested by the President and/or Board of RFCI. This special committee’s members will be chosen by the Vice President on an as needed basis, and will disband immediately following the completion of the task(s) it was assigned. There is no limit as to how many times this committee can be initiated by the Vice President in his/her term of office.

Article VII – Secretary

The Secretary shall be elected in odd numbered years to a two year term.
A. Shall maintain a current membership list.
B. Shall handle all correspondence with individuals and associations, maintaining a file and reporting all necessary information to the Board and membership.
C. Shall file copies of all formal Club correspondence sent out or received.
D. Shall maintain a mailing list of members.
E. Shall send out dues reminders in April to the membership
F. Shall serve on the Breed and Education Committee.

Article VIII – Assistant Secretary

The Assistant Secretary shall be elected in even numbered years to a two year term.
A. Shall call for nominations 30 days prior to all elections of the Board of Directors or any other office that shall require an election.
B. Shall prepare and send out ballots for all elections and issues requiring a membership vote and publish the results.
C. Shall maintain a mailing list of members.
D. Shall assist the Secretary in their duties where needed
E. Shall act as Secretary in the absence of the Secretary until such a time that the Secretary can resume duties or another Secretary can be appointed or voted on, depending on the length of the term left in office.

Article IX – Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be elected in even numbered years for a two year term.
A. Shall receive and bank all monies coming into the RFCI and pay all obligations keeping accurate records of these transactions and presenting a financial report to the Board of Directors in January and July.
B. Shall submit the Club financial books for an audit within 30 days of a request from the President and/or the RFCI board
C. Shall, along with the President, be the only caretakers of all passwords pertaining to online banking, debit or credit cards, unless by a vote of the board, another officer be allowed access to a password for a specific task/time.
D. Shall, at the time the office of the Treasurer is transferred from one individual to another, transfer all monies, financial and account information, and/or complete any necessary account transfers within 30 days of the term ending.

Article X – Regional Directors

The Regional Directors shall be elected, by members in their region only, in the following manner: Northeast, Northwest, Atlantic, Southern International & European Regional Directors shall be elected in even numbered years and the Southeast, Midwest, South Central, Pacific and Asia Regional Directors shall be elected in the odd numbered years for a two year term.
A. Must participate in the majority of the topics and votes on the Officer’s list.
B. Shall keep the Board of Directors informed concerning any problems within their region.
C. Shall write an article for each issue of the Ragdoll World on events, show wins and happenings within their region.
D. Shall be available to help members and especially new members within their region.
E. Shall keep in communication with their regional members by doing a minimum of one of the following: Hold informal meeting(s) within the region, establish and maintain a regional email group, put on a breed seminar, set up a regional web page. It is understood that not every RD will have the ability to do some or all of these things but are asked to encourage communication and education within their region

Article XI – Breed and Educational Chairperson

The Breed and Education Chairperson shall be elected in even numbered years to a two year term. They shall have been actively breeding and showing the Ragdoll breed for at least 5 years.
A. Shall act as Chairperson of the RFCI Breed and Education Committee.
B. Shall appoint three other breeder members to the Breed and Education Committee in addition to the President and Secretary. The three member’s term shall be for two years unless the Breed and Education Chairperson see a need to change a person before this time period.
C. Will keep appraised of the Ragdoll Standards in each of the major Cat Fancy Associations.
D. Shall work to educate breeders about the Ragdoll standards in the various Cat Fancy Associations.
E. Will keep the New Breeder Booklet current with latest information, and be responsible for sending out the New Breeder Booklet to all new Breeder Members, and to all New Provisional Breeder members who purchase the Breeder Booklet.
F. Will make up, and keep current, a breed standard booklet that includes pictures and standards from the various associations, that will be included in the New Breeder Booklet and can be used for any Breed Seminars put on by members of the club.
G. Will keep the website up to date with current Educational material.
H. Shall distribute current Genetic Charts to those new breeder members upon payment of dues including the additional fee for the Genetic Chart as set by the Board of Directors. Shall distribute the current Genetic Chart to those current breeder members who request it charging the current price as set by the Genetic Chart Historian.
I. The Breed Chairperson will appoint one member of the Breed and Education Committee to act as Educational Counselor. . The Educational Counselor may be any member of the Education Committee including the President, Vice President, or Secretary. if the chairman of the Educations Committee appoints them as such. This position is defined as an RFCI Breeder member in good standing that has been breeding a minimum of five years, and will share the same length of term as the Breed and Education Chairperson. The Educational Counselor position will be defined as outlined (Article XI H.1-5.)
(1.) The Educational Counselor will be available to Breeder members and Provisional Breeder members to answer questions associated with establishing a cattery, cattery husbandry, and issues related to becoming a Ragdoll breeder.
(2.) The Educational Counselor will use the RFCI’s New Breeder Handbook and other resources approved by the Breed and Education Committee, as a guideline in answering questions of Breeder members and Provisional Breeder Members.
(3.) The Educational Counselor will not act as an individual mentor to Breeder members or Provisional Breeder members while representing RFCI.
(4.) The Educational Counselor will follow up with all new Breeder members and Provisional Breeder members to confirm they have received their New Breeder Handbook. The follow-up should be approximately three weeks after the New Breeder Handbook has been mailed out and this contact will also serve to welcome them to RFCI.
(5.) The Educational Counselor shall refrain from recommending catteries or breeders from which to purchase breeding cats, but instead will offer guidelines on what to look for in prospective agreements.
(6.) The Breed and Education Committee will act as support to the Educational Counselor. If at any time the committee feels the Educational Counselor should be removed from this position, they will bring the issue to the RFCI officers through the Breed and Education Chairperson, and offer their reasons for removal. The RFCI Board will review the situation, and decide what outcome is in the best interest of the RFCI membership.

Article XII – Grievance Chairperson

The Grievance Chairperson shall be elected in even numbered years to a two year term. They shall have been actively breeding Ragdolls for a minimum of five years, and shall have served on the Grievance Committee in some capacity for a minimum of one year. To be considered for this position, a Breeder Member in good standing shall submit a letter of intent to the RFCI President. The letter of intent shall include their qualifications, and a minimum of three individual recommendations by fellow RFCI members in good standing. The President shall present all candidates and their letter of intent to the Officers of RFCI. The Board of RFCI must approve all candidates for election to this office.
A. Shall serve as the Chairperson of the Grievance Committee.
B. Shall, at the beginning of their term, ask for volunteers of RFCI Breeder Members who are not on the RFCI Board of Directors who wish to serve on the Grievance Committee, and then the Chairperson shall submit a list of names to the RFCI Board of Directors, who shall select two members from this list to serve on the Grievance Committee, and two members to serve as alternates, who shall also sit on the committee but will not be able to vote unless another member of the committee must abstain.
C. Shall handle all complaints against RFCI members. All complaints and correspondence pertaining to these complaints shall be in writing or by electronic mail. A signed, official complaint form must accompany any grievance before it is opened and reviewed by the Grievance Committee.
D. Shall ensure documentation of complaints before a vote is taken against a member.
E. Shall enforce the following Grievance Committee Member Protocol:

(1) Grievance Committee members shall not discuss any grievances with an outside party.
(2) Grievance Committee members will not discuss a grievance with either party involved with the complaint. All contact with the parties will be through the Chairman, in writing, or the Chairman’s designated replacement.
(3) A Grievance Committee member that has sold to or purchased from or has any other attachment to either party in a grievance complaint shall remove themselves from being involved in hearing the complaint. An alternate will be appointed to hear the case in place of that Committee member.
(4) Our goal is to have timely resolution of complaints. If a Grievance Committee member knows they will be unavailable for four or more days during the 30 days following a complaint, they shall notify the Committee Chair and an Alternate Committee Member will be used for the Grievance. If a Grievance Committee Member does not respond to the list, or the Chairperson, for four days or more when there is an open grievance, an Alternate Committee Member will be used for the remainder of that entire grievance case.
(5) In any event where an Alternate Committee member is required and more than 2 Alternate Members will be needed, the Committee Chair has the right to call upon an RFCI Officer(s) to sit in on a Grievance.
(6) If there is an accusation that a grievance member has breached the rules of the Grievance Committee, the Grievance committee will review the accusation and if it is deemed that further review is needed, it will be brought to the RFCI Board.

Article XIII – Editor

The Editor shall be appointed by the President and confirmed by the Board of Directors of the RFCI.
A. Shall publish the Ragdoll World newsletter three times a year.
B. Shall publish the Year End RFCI award winners in the June issue.
C. Shall be responsible for setting the advertising rates in the Ragdoll World and encouraging members to advertise in it.
D. Shall seek to find outside advertising among cat food and litter companies etc. for the newsletter.
E. Shall give notice to the Board of Directors of intent to resign as Editor in such a manner as to produce a smooth transition to avoid the loss of a single issue of the Ragdoll World.
F. Shall serve as a voting member of the Board of Directors.

Article XIV – Genetic Chart Historian

The Genetic Chart Historian shall be appointed by the President and confirmed by the Board of Directors of the RFCI.
A. Shall be responsible for the continuance of the Ragdoll Genetic Chart and will have the responsibility of distributing any new or updated Genetic Charts to the Treasurer for distribution.
B. Shall be responsible for setting the price for the Genetic Chart.

Article XV – Show Statistician

The Show Statistician shall be appointed by the President of the RFCI and confirmed by the Board of Directors of the RFCI.
A. The Show Statistician shall record legitimate wins of Ragdolls in shows per Article XXI Awards. All the summarization of wins and awards shall be submitted to the Secretary, Webmaster and Editor in time for publication in the first issue of the RW published after May 1st of any year.
B. Shall be responsible for overseeing the ordering and mailing of the year end rosette awards to each winner.
If scorekeeper resides outside of the U.S., someone within the U.S. will be assigned by the President to mail out the rosettes.

Article XVI – Teller

The Assistant Secretary or Vice President (whichever position is not up for election in that year) shall appoint a Teller who is not involved in the election to receive all election ballots via email for counting. After counting the ballots the Teller shall send all ballots results to whomever appointed them so that the results can be announced and the ballots placed on file.

Article XVII – Committees

There shall be 2 standing Committees within the RFCI. Any Breeder member, Officer, or Lifetime member, may suggest through the Secretary in writing the need for a committee or volunteer to serve on one.
A. Breed Education Committee – The Breed & Education Committee shall consist of five members as defined in Article XI.
B. The Grievance Committee shall consist of 5 members: Chairperson, President, Vice President, two members who are not on the RFCI Board of Directors and two alternates as described in Article XII.
C. There shall be an impermanent Committee referred to as the Promotional Committee. The Vice President shall be the Chairperson of this committee as defined in Article IV (a-b).

Article XVIII – Lifetime Members

An RFCI member must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for a Lifetime membership.
A. They have been an active RFCI Breeder member for at least ten years and have contributed significantly to the advancement of the Ragdoll breed. Years of service to RFCI, special achievements in the Ragdoll Community, experience in exhibiting Ragdolls, and other notable contributions toward the Ragdoll breed will be considered in nominating and approving a Lifetime member in RFCI.
B. They have served on the RFCI Board of Directors, and/or served on an RFCI committee or in some capacity within RFCI.
C. RFCI members who qualify shall be voted in as Lifetime members by a majority vote of the RFCI Board of Directors.
D. Any RFCI member may nominate an RFCI breeder member for Lifetime membership providing that they meet the criteria listed above, by submitting their name to the Secretary of the RFCI.

Article XIX – Elections

Elections for the Board of Directors shall take place in the following manner.

A. The Assistant Secretary of the RFCI shall call for Letters of Intent for all offices that are up for elections during the first week of September. Current office holders whose positions are up for election, will notify the President of their intent to either leave office or to run for re-election If they chose to run for re-election, they shall submit a Letter of Intent.
Letters of Intent must be received by the Assistant Secretary by October 1st to be valid. The Assistant Secretary shall present all letters of intent, as they come in, to the RFCI Board of Directors for approval. The Board of Directors will then review all letters of intent and, upon approval, nominate members to the ballot for the election. These letters will then be sent to the RFCI group list as soon as the board approves them.
The Assistant Secretary shall mail out the ballots by electronic mail to the membership by October 15th and a reminder to vote one week later. All ballots must be returned to the Teller by October 30th to be valid.
B. Uncontested offices shall be considered to be elected and need not be on the ballot. The Secretary shall notify all winning candidates as soon as possible.
C. Any RFCI Breeder member in good standing and that fits the criteria of the position, may submit a Letter of Intent to run for office but no candidate may be nominated without their prior consent to run for an office. The Assistant Secretary shall contact each member who has been nominated for an office and verify that they are willing to serve if elected.
D. The newly elected officers shall take office on January 1.
E. In the event that there is no candidate willing to run for an office, the President may appoint an RFCI breeder member to serve in that office.
F. Regional Directors will be voted for by members only in that region. They will not be voted for by the entire membership.

Article XX – Voting

All voting pertaining to the Constitution and By-Laws of the RFCI and Elections or any matter needing a vote of the membership shall be by electronic mail with ballots being mailed to those without a computer. Any Breeder member in good standing is eligible to vote and shall carry one vote.

Article XXI – Year End Awards

See addendum I to the RFCI By-Laws.

Article XXII – Furnishing a Copy of the RFCI By-laws and Code of Conduct (COC)

Each member shall be furnished a copy of the Constitution, By-laws and Code of Conduct upon joining the RFCI upon request

RFCI’s website will post a copy of the Constitution, By-laws and Code of Conduct, available to all members.

Article XXIII – Amendments

The Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Conduct of the RFCI may be amended by a simple majority vote of the votes received. As long as due diligence was given by the Board to announce and explain the amendment, and that each qualified member receives a ballot with reasonable time allowed to place their vote. Members may propose and be heard on any amendment.

Article XXIV – Conduct of Members

The objective of the RFCI is the promotion of the Ragdoll Breed. Any member including an officer who commits an act that harms the Ragdoll Breed, Ragdoll cat, the RFCI or an RFCI member or creates dissension, shall be considered to be in violation of the RFCI By-laws. 11/03
Article XXV – Filing a Grievance Charge

A grievance against an RFCI member must be presented to the Grievance Committee Chairperson, using the RFCI’s complaint form found on the RFCI web site or available from any of the Grievance Committee members, or Club Secretary. Any relevant information such as contracts or records should be included with the complaint form. 11/03

The Grievance Committee Chairperson will inform the Grievance Committee of the charge and consult with them. The member charged shall be notified in writing of said charge and be given two weeks to respond to the charge and present their side of the story. If charges are related to an unresolved disagreement between two parties, the Grievance Committee will put precedence in arbitrating an agreement between the two parties in dispute. The Grievance Committee shall act as the Mediator and try to find a solution that is acceptable to both parties. In the event that the situation is unable to be rectified or a fair solution found that both parties agree to, the Committee shall vote on what they believe would be fair solution and present it to both parties. Should the RFCI member(s) not agree to the solution, it is up to the Grievance Committee to determine a course of action and/or punishment toward the RFCI member(s). If the charges are not dispute orientated, but instead related to a serious breech of the Code of Conduct, the Grievance Committee will examine all the evidence and make a decision according to the severity of the charge. The first priority will be for the Grievance Committee to educate the breeder charged on proper protocol, but if a member refuses to follow the guidelines set forth, then their membership will be in jeopardy. Should a decision be made by the Grievance Committee to remove a member from the RFCI Club or suspend their membership rights for any length of time, the person charged may request a review of the charges and penalties against them by the entire RFCI Board of Directors. Should a review be requested, a majority vote of the RFCI Board of Directors will be required for removal or suspension of membership rights.

It should be taken into account that filing a Grievance charge against an RFCI member is a serious matter, and anyone filing a complaint should keep in mind that our Code of Conduct is meant as a guideline for our members and is not meant as a set of laws. It is understood that in extraordinary instances it is acceptable for a member to take steps outside of the Code of Conduct if sound judgment is used. A breech of the Code of Conduct would be defined by a member having a policy in force that directly violates the Code of Conduct on a regular basis, or demonstrates behavior that shows obvious lack of sound judgment, or engages in activities that have resulted in emotional, physical, or financial injury to a cat or person.

The Grievance Complaint Form will be updated as voted on by the Grievance Committee members.

Article XXVI – Discipline of Members

Any Breeder member who does not abide by the Constitution and By-laws of the RFCI or give full effort to following the Code of Conduct of the RFCI, or does not accept and uphold a decision of the Grievance Committee, following the procedures set forth in Article XXV of these By-laws, shall be refused membership and/or renewal of membership in the RFCI, until such a time that they are able to resolve the circumstances of dispute to the satisfaction of the Grievance Committee.
Such a member will not be entitled to a refund of dues or of any other amount previously given to the RFCI. Such a member may not be entitled to any previously earned RFCI points for awards, in the year the charge was filed. Should the charges be filed in one show year and the investigation carry over into the next show season, points will not be accumulated until all charges have been dismissed or resolved. If another authority is investigating the charges, RFCI’s Grievance Committee will cooperate with the authority, and will abide by their findings.

Article XXVII – Conduct of Board Members

If there is little or no participation by any officer within their two year term of office, and/or any officer does not carry out their duties as described in the bylaws, they may have their letter of intent rejected by the Board of Directors if they apply for a consecutive term of their office. Any future office sought by this same member in RFCI, will have to be reviewed by the Board and agreed to by a majority vote of the board.

Should an officer find themselves unable to fulfill their duties as an Officer of RFCI for longer then 30 days, it is encouraged that they ask the President to either appoint another member to fill in until they resume their duties, or accept their resignation and another member will be appointed (or elected) to fill out the term of office, depending on the length of term left.

If an officer is out of communication for longer than 30 days the Board can vote to remove them, then another member will be appointed or elected to fill out the term in accordance with Article IV.

Actual e-mails and correspondence and individual opinions of members of the RFCI shall remain within the RFCI Board, in order to allow for a full and free flow of discussion.

“Members of the Board of Directors of the RFCI shall refrain from sharing and/or discussing any correspondence that takes place among the Board (whether on the RFCI Board of Directors email list, and/or through private correspondence with other Board members), with persons not on the Board of Directors. This rule applies to all members of the Board and to all Board correspondence, whether past or present.”

A Board member who violates this rule shall be charged with a Conduct violation. An investigation will be conducted by the Grievance Committee. While the investigation is ongoing the Board member will be suspended from all Board duties during this time.

If found not guilty, privileges of office will be restored.

If found guilty, the Board member shall be removed from office and any committees that they might be serving on. They will not be allowed to hold office within the RFCI for a period of 3-5 years depending on the seriousness of the violation.

Article XXVIII – Code of Conduct

See addendum II to the RFCI By-laws on pages 1.b.7-10.


Addendum I

Any RFCI exhibitor who owns a Ragdoll in any combination of accepted patterns/colors and who’s cat is registered in any RFCI recognized association within the cat fancy, shall be qualified to compete for the RFCI plaques and rosettes.

The exhibitor must be a paid up member of RFCI as of at least 30 days before the first show that is scored for that member.

The Top Whole Cat, the Top Alter Cat and the Top Kitten will each receive a plaque. All Top 10 winners in each category will receive rosettes.

We will no longer require that cats be entered in more than one association to compete for the plaques and ribbons.

Best of Breed points will be given for the top 4 places, and will be as follows:

  1. BOB 50 points,
  2. 2nd BOB 45 points,
  3. 3rd BOB 40 points,
  4. 4th BOB 35 points.
    1. If only the top 3 Best of Breed are awarded at a show, then any cat not in the top 3, will receive the points for 4th place.
    2. If only the top 2 Best of Breed are awarded at a show, then any cat not in the top 2 shall receive points for 3rd place.

TICA Congress finals will count and points will be the same as the regular finals (1-15).

CFA’s (and other organizations that score similarly) finals towards grand points will also count. Only the highest final will count. For example if you got a Best LH and then moved onto a Best AB for points, only the Best AB final will count. Because Championship cats are not going against all of the cats (for example, Grands) points will be given as follows:

CFA Specialty Ring for Grand Points:
1st = 25pts
2nd = 20pts
3rd = 15pts

CFA AB Ring for Grand Points
1st = 50 pts
2nd = 40pts
3rd = 30 pts

If you then got into the top 1-15 final, only the top final pts will count and the points will be the same as the regular finals (1-15).


All Breed (1-40 cats entered)
1st = 100pts
2nd = 90pts
3rd = 80pts
4th = 70pts
5th = 60pts
6th = 50pts
7th = 40pts
8th = 30pts
9th = 20pts
10th – 15th = 10pts

Specialty (1-25 cats entered)
1st – 50pts
2nd = 45pts
3rd = 40pts
4th – 35pts
5th = 30pts
6th = 25pts
7th = 20pts
8th = 15pts
9th = 10pts
10th = 5pts

Bonus Points for finals in rings that have more than the usual number of cats.
All Breed
41-55 = 5pts
56-70 = 15pts
71-85 = 30pts
86 – 101 = 45pts
102-117 = 60pts
118-132 = 75pts
133-148 = 90pts
149-164 = 105pts
165-180 = 120pts
180-200 = 135
200-UP = 150pts
26-35 = 3pts
36-45 = 6pts
46-55 = 10pts
56-65 = 13pts
66-75 = 19pts
76-85 = 26pts
86-95 = 36pts
96-105 = 46pts
106-115 = 52pts
116-125 = 65pts
126-UP = 75pts

Whole cats and Alters will be scored on the top 50 rings submitted for scoring. There will be no minimum number of rings required to compete.

Kittens will be scored on the top 30 rings submitted for scoring. There will be no minimum number of rings required to compete.

Winners of the top Whole Cat and Top Alter awards in one show season shall be ineligible to compete for the top awards in the following season with the same cat. After one year of ineligibility the same cat shall be eligible for the top awards. An exception would be if the cat is transferred to a new owner.

During a show season, a cat owned by one exhibitor cannot transfer its points won to a new owner. During a show season, a cat judged in one color classification cannot transfer points earned if that cat is reclassified to a new color.

Points accumulated in a show season must be forwarded to the Show Statistician within 30 days of the show date by RFCI e-mail, or s-mail. No scores will be credited later than TWO weeks after the close of the show season.

All changes to the RFCI Scoring System for awards shall be made by a majority vote of the RFCI Board of Directors.

For Score Sheet, see website

Addendum II

Code of Conduct Guidelines for the RAGDOLL FANCIERS CLUB INTERNATIONAL

See COC for a printable version of the Code of Conduct Guidelines.

*This Code of Conduct is intended as a guideline for our Breeder Members. The recommendations and practices set forth in this Code of Conduct are to be considered a model of ethical breeding practices, and should be followed as routine whenever possible. It is understood that in rare circumstances special situations may present themselves to a member, where these guidelines are not met, and then RFCI recommends using sound judgment.

*It is also understood that some breeder members may put into practice even higher ideals in their own breeding programs, and for this they should be commended. This Code of Conduct set forth is not meant to police our Breeder Members, and should not be used as such.

  • In the breeding of Ragdolls, I will emphasize good health, stable temperament, and breed for appearance to meet the Ragdoll Standard.
  • My Ragdolls will exhibit no radical departure from the Ragdoll standard.
  • I agree to protect the Ragdoll reputation by employing responsible personal, social and business practices.
  • I agree to understand and follow any municipal, community or local requirements regarding the housing, registering or selling of my Ragdolls.
  • I agree that when attending shows, I will be aware of and abide by the rules and customs that govern each show, whether I am a spectator or an exhibitor.
  • I will behave at all times in a respectful manner that will reflect positively on myself, the Ragdoll Cat and RFCI. I will view success as a concern secondary to the health and well-being of the Ragdoll and to my relationship with others among the cat fancy and RFCI.
  • I will keep accurate records of all pedigrees and breedings.
  • I will register all kittens with at least one major cat association.
  • I will provide registration papers within a timely manner of all sales.
  • I will plan and implement a breeding program with the preservation and protection of the breed being foremost.
  • I will breed discriminately, making sure that I am able to find good homes for all of my kittens. I will emphasize quality not quantity.
  • My breeding Ragdolls will be kept free from disease and genetic defects to the best of my and my veterinarian�s ability. A cat who exhibits chronic illness or poor health should not be bred.
  • I will consult a qualified veterinarian or geneticist if an inherited problem is suspected. I will report all findings with breeders who have purchased breeding stock from me that may be affected by the findings, as well as I will report all findings to the breeder of the affected cat.
  • I will whenever possible request necropsy (autopsy) on any kitten or cat that dies suspiciously.
  • I will only breed my cats when they are in good health and of good weight and condition. It is strongly suggested that a female not be bred before 12 months of age, unless she has had frequent heat cycles that are affecting her health and condition. It is recommended to not breed a female too frequently but give ample time in between litters for her to regain her weight and condition.
  • It is recommended to not over breed a male, so he is able to maintain a healthy weight and condition.
  • It is recommended that breeding cats be altered and retired at an age appropriate for their health and well-being.
  • I will provide proper care for the safe and healthy delivery of kittens, and will, whenever possible, be available to assist the queen if necessary. I will consult with a veterinarian at the first sign of difficulty.
  • I will provide sufficient socialization for kittens, as well as assess their individual temperament so they go into their new homes suited to that situation.
  • I will represent the Ragdoll cat realistically, doing my best to dispel past myths propagated to qualify the Ragdoll as a scientific phenomenon, such as they don’t feel pain, or they never shed, or they always go limp when held, or they consistently reach tremendous sizes. Instead I will describe the Ragdoll qualities in an accurate manner, addressing unrealistic expectations with factual descriptions.
  • I will not place a kitten younger than 10 weeks of age, and recognize that 12 weeks or older is recommended.
  • I will maintain a high standard of health and care for all of my Ragdolls, by providing adequate room for exercise & play. I will provide clean and comfortable quarters with adequate ventilation and lighting. I will provide a balanced quality diet with clean water and litter. I will provide my Ragdolls with regular vaccinations and veterinary care. I will give my cats daily care and affection.
  • I will house my cats in a manner that minimizes the risk of accidental breeding or aggressive behavior between cats.
  • I will not allow a cat to run loose outdoors. If I provide an outdoor run, I will make sure the cat has proper protection from the elements, parasites and other animals the cat might be exposed to.
  • I will not declaw my Ragdolls and will advise against it to my buyers. I will explain my opposition to this practice and make recommendations on how to prevent the cats from undesirable behavior.
  • I will not sell any Ragdoll to a pet store, or knowingly to a backyard breeder or kitten mill. Or any breeder who exhibits lack of ethical treatment to their Ragdolls.
  • I will sell all pet kittens either having been altered, or with a strict altering agreement as stated in the RFCI’s by-laws.
  • Early Spay/Neuter is Highly recommended and should be done if at all possible before the kitten leaves your cattery.
  • I will conduct all sales in a professional manner designed to protect the health and welfare of the cat.
  • I will include a written contract with all kitten or cat sales transactions, leasing agreements and stud services, with both parties having a copy.
  •  I will include in my written contract the minimum specifics as listed in the by-laws of RFCI.
  • I will explain the difference between pet, show and breeder quality, before selling any kitten. This explanation could be included on my website, or any information that I use to educate buyers about my kittens.
  • I will carefully evaluate any kitten being considered as a breeder or a show/breeder, and discuss all qualities and traits with the potential owner prior to the sale. I will disclose the pedigree before the sale is final.
  • When selling a breeding cat, I will fully explain the pedigree, registration numbers, any inbreeding, and any outcross that I am aware of. I will include the minimum of a three-generation pedigree, although a five generation pedigree is strongly recommended.
  • I understand that it is recommended that breeders have a 5 generation pedigree on all of their breeding cats, with Certified Pedigrees whenever possible.
  • I will be available to help all newly established breeders that I place any breeding cat with, for mentoring, support and guidance.
  • I will contact the breeder of any cat I plan to retire from my breeding program. I will follow the breeder’s policy for re-homing the cat, and give full disclosure to the breeder of the new owners. If there is no previous agreement for the re-homing of this cat, I will together with the breeder decide what is in the best interest of the individual cat. If an agreement cannot be reached for re-homing, the cat will be altered and placed into a pet home.
  • I will do anything with in my power to aid in the safe re-homing of any Ragdoll of my breeding that is in need of rescue or placement.
  • I understand that all sales should be covered by a contract. I am free to have my own contract with more issues covered than the minimum requirements set forth in the RFCI bylaws. In the case that I have not used a contract or have less than the minimum required by RFCI, as found in the RFCI’s by-laws, I agree that any dispute will be settled by the Grievance Committee according to the contract requirements set forth in the RFCI by-laws.
  • Full sample contracts will be offered in the RFCI By-Laws, or can be found on the RFCI’s website, or are available through the Secretary for those who would like to use them.
  • I agree to use these Code of Conduct as a guideline in my breeding program, and consider them as a minimum ideal in the decisions and policies I make, always keeping in mind the welfare of my Ragdolls, the protection of the Ragdoll breed, and the rights of my customers. I agree to encourage and support RFCI and my fellow members in the following of these Codes of Conduct.

Member’s Signature

See COC for a printable version of the Code of Conduct Guidelines.