Co-Ownership Agreement

Date of Agreement: __________
Name of Cat: ____________________________________________________ Sex: _______
Color/Pattern: __________________________________________ Date of Birth: __________
Registration Numbers: ________________________(TICA)
Owner A: ________________________ Owner B:___________________________
Address:_________________________ Address:___________________________
_________________________ ___________________________
Cattery:__________________________ Cattery:____________________________
Phone: _____________________ Phone: _______________________
Amount Paid:$_______________ Amount Paid: $_________________
Said cat will be in the possession of ____________________ from ________ to __________.

Owner who has possession of said cat will be responsible for all normal expense and care, including but not limited to food, medication, vet appointments, and all routine expense. If the cat is to stay in the possession of one owner the compensation for each litter produced from this cat, to the other owner is stated here: __________________________________________________________

Valued at $_________________.
If the cat is to trade hands between the owners, the agreed upon transfer date is_____________________.
The following medical records and testing will be completed and transferred before the cat’s relocation occurs, the expense of the following will be at the owner who has possession:

When transfer of cat takes place, this contract will be re-written if necessary to include new dates and re-signed by both parties, attaching this contract to the new one.
In the event of a serious illness or accidental injury to the cat, both owners will share equally in the expense, and both have equal say in what testing and treatments be performed, and each will be informed personally by the attending vet(s) of all procedures and treatments as they are ongoing. Either owner may request additional testing
or treatment, if they do, then they are solely responsible for the cost. If any decision must be made that would affect the cats immediate health, quality of life or reproduction status, both owners will have an equal say in the decision. If one party cannot be reached with reasonable effort or an agreement cannot be reached, the owner who has possession of the cat will ultimately decide what is in the cat’s best interest, with the co-owner being fully
informed as soon as possible.

Owner who has possession of said cat will be responsible for the care, safety and well being of said cat while in owners care or in any agent of the owner, such as a family member, groomer, medical professional, cat sitter or show agent. If the possessing owner or agent is negligent in the care of said cat, any injury or illness resulting in
treatment costs incurred will be solely the responsibility of the owner at fault.

The owner agrees to keep cat in a clean, protected and loving environment, with housing that prevents risk of unplanned breedings or fighting amongst other cats. Only breeding said animal when he/she is in good health and condition. Owner housing said cat will keep the other owner informed of all breedings and litters and kittens
kept or sold. The owner possessing any offspring of said cat will have sole responsibility to their care and expense, and will receive all money paid for them when placed in new homes, unless noted here:__________________________________________________________.

Each owner will sign their own name to the litter registrations after the form has been completed, so both owners can see the litters being registered. No offspring can be sold as a breeding or show cat unless both owners agree to the sale, and are fairly compensated for their share. This cat will not be allowed for stud or leasing, unless both parties agree to the terms in writing.

If for some reason the cat is not able to reproduce or is found to have a serious, undesirable or fatal genetic or inheritable trait, the cat will be altered. Both owners will share any expense in the testing or screening for suspected problems, and will share any loss of compensation due to this equally. If at anytime one of the parties wants out of this co-ownership agreement, they must work out an arrangement for proper compensation with the other owner, and may not sell, give, lease or relinquish their rights to another party without the co-owners permission in writing. In case of the death or incapacity of one of the owners, the ownership and/or possession of the cat will transfer fully to the remaining owner.

If there is a breech of this contract, it is agreed that it will be sent to the RFCI Ethics committee to be arbitrated, with both parties agreeing to accept the findings of said committee.

I agree to the above conditions, and agree that in a co-ownership arrangement there are can be unforeseen events occur that may affect this agreement, and if there is a dispute I agree to keep the best interest of the cat in mind, irregardless of my personal disappointment or lack of compensation.

_________________________Date______ _________________________Date__________
Owner A                                                        Owner B

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