Breeder Leasing Agreement

This agreement concerns the Ragdoll cat, ____________________________,

Registration Numbers: ___________________________(TICA)

This lease agreement is between __________________________, the Leaser (owner of cat) and _________________________, the Lessee (will be leasing the cat).

The Ragdoll cat, _____________________________, will be leased for one litter. The litter will be registered with CFA, TICA, ACFA, ________. (circle all that apply). A copy of this agreement will accompany the litter registration as proof of lease, showing the Lessee listed as “Owner” of the litter and bearing the cattery prefix of the Lessee.

The Leaser, will be responsible for sending a veterinarians Health certificate with the cat, showing her to be in good health and free of any contagious conditions, illnesses or parasites,__________________________________ will also be included at the Leaser’s expense. At the Lessee expense, the following health requirements will be provided to the Leaser prior to the arrival of the cat________________________________________________________.

The Lessee will pay all expenses for transportation and/or shipping. The Lessee will also be responsible for the good health and well being of the cat while in the Lessee’s care. All necessary expenses such as food, litter and vet visits will be paid by the Lessee while the cat resides in their cattery. In case of loss, an autopsy must be provided and the total liability will not exceed $_________________.

As compensation for this lease, the Leaser will have the option for either the pick of the litter, or can choose to receive a monetary compensation of $_________________. If the Leaser chooses a kitten, it must be chosen by the time the kitten reaches 4 months of age, and the Leaser will be responsible for any/all shipping charges. All other kittens in the litter will be placed either in the Lessee’s ownership or into pet homes with altering agreements. Any kitten placed as a show/breeder must be agreed upon by both parties. All money received from the sale of the kittens will be the Lessee’s.

____________________, will be bred to a stud owned by the Lessee. Should she not conceive or abort her litter, or not raise at least two viable kittens to the age of 8 weeks, the Lessee will have the right to enter into another Lease Agreement for a second litter. A veterinarian exam of the female must show that she is in good health and condition to be bred again, before any additional agreement is finalized. If it is determined that she is not able to be bred again, she is to be returned to the Leaser, and this agreement is terminated with no compensation due the Leaser.

The queen will be returned when her kittens are 12-18 weeks of age. She will be returned in good health. All return shipping or transportation costs will be paid by the Lessee.

I agree to the above conditions of this lease,

___________________ Date:_______ ________________________Date:_____
Leaser Lessee

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