Stud Service Agreement

This Agreement concerns the Stud Ragdoll cat,_______________________________.
Registration number ____________________(TICA)

This Stud Ragdoll cat is owned by (Party 1): ______________________________
Address: ______________________________
Phone: ______________________________

This Agreement concerns the Queen Ragdoll cat, ______________________________
Registration number _______________________(TICA)

This Queen Ragdoll Cat is owned by (Party 2):____________________________
Address: ____________________________
Phone: _____________________________

Stud Service Conditions

Party 1 and Party 2 will exchange veterinarians Health certificates, not less than 10 days old prior to the transfer of the queen to the stud’s home. This will show that both cats are in good health and condition, and are free from parasites and contagious disease, including negative results from FeLV and FIV testing that is less than 6 months old.
Party 2 will pay all travel expenses and be responsible for shipping and/or transporting the queen to and from Party 1.
The queen will be returned to Party 2 within 4 weeks of breeding. If no breeding takes place, the queen will be returned no later than ___________.
Party 1 will be responsible for the good health and well being of the queen while she is visiting. Party 1 will be responsible for all food, litter and medical expense while the queen resides in their home. However total liability shall not exceed the amount of the stud fee.
In the event a major illness affects the queen while in Party 1’s possession, all medical decisions will be shared with and approved by Party 2.

The Stud Fee will be $__________________________, payable at the time the queen is sent to Party 1. If the queen does not conceive, reabsorbs or aborts her litter, or does not deliver at least two viable kittens surviving to the age of 8 weeks, the queen may be returned, after satisfactory veterinary examination, for rebreeding with no additional stud fee. If for any reason the stud cat is not available for rebreeding at that time, another stud owned by Party 1 will be offered. Party 2 may instead have half of the paid stud fee reimbursed and this agreement is terminated.

Party 2 owns all offspring from this breeding, and has the option to keep any kitten, or place any or all of the offspring as altered pets. Party 1 has the option to purchase any kitten from any offspring made available from this breeding for the price of $_______________. If any offspring are to be placed in a show/breeding home, both parties must approve of this placement in writing.

If any of the offspring are found to have a fatal genetic disease, both parties agree to follow through with any available testing to determine if possible the parent that contributed the disease.

I agree with the above contract:

___________________________ ___________________________
Party 1                                            Party 2
Date:________________ Date:____________________

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