Ad Rates

Sponsorship Rates for the RFCI Ragdoll World and the RFCI Website

RFCI Ragdoll World (plus approximately 4 months on the website)

All ads, excluding the business cards, include one photo. Full-page ads may use two photos.

This pricing is for the printed issued of the Ragdoll World. All paid sponsorships in the Printed “Year End Issue” will include two submissions in the “online” issue for the rest of the year. This does not include any submission in a printed Holiday newsletter, should print it. The next printed issue will have to be paid for separately.

We can build an ad for you FREE of charge.

  • $125 for inside front cover, inside back cover and back cover
  • $100 Full page color
  • $70 Full page B & W
  • $60 Half page color
  • $30 Half page B & W
  • $40 Quarter page color
  • $20 Quarter page B & W
  • $15 Color Business Card Ad
  • $10 B & W Business Card Ad

*Premium full page and half page ad placements available are inside front cover (left), inside first page (right), inside back cover, and back cover. No paid ads will be allowed on the front page of the Ragdoll World Newsletter.

*Any Non-cattery ad or Non RFCI member ads may be subject to review by the board and will be approved/disapproved on an individual basis. RFCI Editor and/or Board members have the right to approve or disapprove any ad submitted for the Ragdoll World.

*Rag Brags are $5 a picture (1/4 page space, 6 cats per page in printed issue) and lets don’t forget “LOOK WHO MADE IT TO THE TOP” are FREE submissions for members (1/4 page space, 6 cats per page in printed issue) if your cat advanced in title since the last issue it was placed in.

This is the online pricing:

Prices for Ragdoll World Sponsorships for This Online issue only, are as follows:

  • Full Page Color $30.00
  • Half Page Color $20.00
  • Quarter Page Color $10.00
  • Photo Business Card Color $5.00
  • Rag Brags $5.00 for 1/4 page

Sponsorship displays on the RFCI Website Only:

Ad for website only, will run approximately 4 months

  • Full Page Color, with 2 Photos……….. $65.00
  • Half Page Color, with 1 Photo……….. $40.00
  • Quarter Page Color, with 1 Photo ……$25.00
  • Extra Photo’s $5.00 each

If you have any questions or would like to place an ad
please contact Cindy DeWolf via email at:

Other Amount: USD