R.F.C.I. Provisional Breeder Membership Application

Membership Fee: $30.00 ($40.00 Family Membership)

(Canadian and International must be paid via International money orders or via paypal in US funds)

Name: ____________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________

City: ____________________________________________

State/Province: __________________________________

Country: _________________________________________

Zip/Postal Code: _________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________________

Cattery Name: ____________________________________

E-Mail Address: __________________________________

URL To Your Homepage: ____________________________

Do you have a mentor and if yes, whom ____________________

How will you be paying? Check/Money Order______ or Paypal_____

Send your completed application with your dues payment to:

Mark Schidler/RFCI
2812 West De Voy Dr.
Anaheim, CA 92804

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